The Foreign Research Information Research Center (FRIC) was established by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS).

As a part of a national project, the FRIC aims at promoting cooperative utilization of academic information and improving national competitiveness in research field.

Kangwon National University Library has been in charge of the Foreign Research Information Center for journals in bioscience & biotechnology since 2009.

KNU FRIC was awarded Grand Prize by Minister of Education in 2014.
  • collects and preserves journals in the fields of bioscience & biotechnology including biology, pharmacology, etc.
  • possesses a total of 1,705 international academic journal and 2,400,000 articles.
  • provides copies of international academic journal to all researchers in Korea free of charge.
  • plays a role of main hub of foreign academic information in the fields of bioscience & biotechnology with bioscience, medicine, and pharmacy industry.
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